Board Member Job Description 


Members of the Ohio NOW Education and Legal Fund Board (Ohio NOW ELF) of Trustees shall demonstrate their commitment to feminist core values and the Fund’s Vision, Mission and Purpose statements by becoming a dues-paying member and by assisting with the financial development and on-going work of the organization.


Members shall recognize the common commitment to the advancement of women’s rights and accept that there may be differences regarding the best way to accomplish Ohio NOW ELF goals. Members shall strive to model feminist principles in the way we work together and shall practice fairness, honesty and respect in all our dealings with each other.


Board members are responsible for the maintenance and future of the organization, as well as ensuring that the organization operates ethically and legally as a nonprofit tax-exempt (501c3) organization.


Members shall make every effort to attend all board meetings and organizational functions. When unable to attend, they shall inform the Ohio NOW ELF Director, or another officer, or an appropriate committee, task force or event chair.


Current bylaws require no less than four scheduled meetings per year, including one designated as the annual meeting. This schedule does not preclude the convening of additional board, project, task force, committee or event planning meetings during the year. When feasible or necessary, board and related meetings may be held in the form of conference calls.


Members shall receive a copy of the bylaws and shall become familiar with them in order to understand how the organization operates.


Members shall maintain confidentiality regarding the organization’s business and interactions at board meetings when appropriate, to avoid jeopardizing the work of the organization or revealing sensitive disclosures by other board members.


Members shall review and respond to all communications related to board business and functions in order to participate fully in discussions and decision making for the organization.


Members shall provide financial support to the organization based on their ability and also commit to playing a part in generating funds, whether by grant writing, fundraising or soliciting donors or assistance among personal and professional contacts.


Members shall accept responsibility for participating fully in the functioning of the organization, including volunteering for specific tasks, accepting the assignment of duties delegated by leadership and providing leadership for projects, events or activities as appropriate.

Rev. 11/16

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