Equal Pay for Equal Work

You may have heard of the gender wage gap—where the typical woman earns 83 cents for every dollar earned by her male counterpart. But, what would your pay look like if earnings had kept pace with productivity growth?

EPI has developed a cool new tool, which calculates how much you could be earning—when accounting for age, gender, education, and salary. The Gender pay gap calculator will help women and men understand how the pay gap and overall inequality affect their payClick here to try out EPI’s new calculator.

How much could you be making?

Calculate how gender and inequality affect your pay.

The results are somewhat staggering. If the gender wage gap were closed and the economy’s gains were more broadly shared, women’s median hourly wages would be 69 percent higher than they are today.

According to EPI’s Elise Gould, “To achieve true progress, the gender wage gap must be closed alongside the gap between economy-wide productivity and the wages of all typical workers.”

This new interactive tool highlights the need to address the pressing issue of income inequality by raising the wage floor, reducing labor standards violations, strengthening the ability of workers to collectively bargain, and making sure the economy gets back to full employment.

Click here to try out EPI’s new calculator.

Together let’s create an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

Click here to try out EPI’s new calculator.

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