Minutes 8/24/22

ELF Ohio MeetingPresent: Diane (chair), Mike, Michel, Candace, Kathy.  Absent: CarolynRecording Secretary: Michel Call to Order @ 3:04pm End: 4:06pm Approve/Amend Agenda Note: Because of time restrictions for some of our members, I suggest we limit the regular meetings to one hour. To facilitate this all reports shall be limited to 10 minutes or less except for Legal/Legislative which can take up to 15 minutes. (group agreed/nonvote) Leadership Reports Minutes of June 22, 2022 meeting – Michel Changes? Change spelling of Cathy/Kathy; 2nd page – Democratic bill: LGBTQ discrimination Minutes accepted pending amendments Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Not much activity with no income. Our phone, Red Ace, conferencing with a BALANCE of $8283.81 Accepted Treasurer’s Report Legal/Legislative Report – Mike Legislature in Recess – through General Election in November Big push to pass controversial bills in LAME DUCK – two more extreme HB598 (more detailed and explicit and has had hearings) (Prohibit anytime after conception, in vitro fertilization) and HB704 (defines personhood at time of conception). Ohio law bans abortion once cardiac activity is detected (typically 6 weeks) but legal challenge under way by ACLU/Planned Parenthood but no emergency relief. Under HB598, any medical provider would be committing a felony and anyone who promotes abortion (financial, drives, etc.) could be guilty of 1st degree misdemeanor. Divisive concepts bill (HB616) – prohibit teachers from using material or curriculum using any divisive concepts/discussion HB508 shared parenting/custody bill – nothing is happening but likely that it will be revived and push through in lame duck Ohio Supreme Court struck down Republican redistricting map and 2022 will be based on early GOP map (GOP ran out the clock previously) and legislature in 30 days or then redistricting commission 30 days after that. R going to appeal the decision to U.S. Sup Court.  Filing a writ of certioari to exercise discretion so unlikely to accept a petition and blocks process to redistricting in Ohio still. Legislature remains under court order for a STATE redistricting map. Pg. 8, Biden Administration to protect trans youth and 20 AG’s filed against the inclusion of these. Ohio NOW Report – Carolyn/Mike for Carolyn Met on 8/13/22 – Workshops and speakers report and bylaws changes at the conference Ohio NOW meeting: Akron is revived; Ohio Valley Chapter (new and active – rape culture education/LGBTQ); Toledo chapter revived ERA: state chapters – Archives director did not accept and ratify ERA (registered with national archives) Ohio NOW expects to send out a newsletter before the annual conference Old Business ELF newsletter/mailing – collecting addresses who were past ELF members and broaden it. Jan 2021: List for inclusion. Ohio NOW leadership; ELF members, COSMO and other donors; attorneys, Ohio NOW officers, women’s lawyers orgs, Status of the ERA – Carolyn/Mike See above in Ohio NOW Report Committee report on merging with Action Ohio – Candace, Mike & Michel Action Ohio is considering a rebranding and refocus then they would be disinclined to dissolve or merge.  Legal alternatives: Merger where Action Ohio and Ohio NOW ELF is an agreement of board memberships, staff, financial, obligations, programming considerations would remain as part of the agreement. Ohio NOW ELF assumes liabilities and debts. 501c3 merges and has to be approved by local Court of Common Pleas. Dissolution: dissolves and transfers assets and does not incur the debts of Action Ohio. Action Ohio will be meeting about the options. Website & Social Media – Candace New Business Essay Contest – Michel Will send draft plan to board by Friday, Sept 16, 2022 for review and updates before and at the next Ohio NOW ELF meeting. Representative on Women’s Policy Announcements Happy Women’s Equality Day – August 26, 2022 Florida primary: Val Demings for Senate won Next Meetings Wednesdays at 3:00 pm             October 26, 2022 (Annual Meeting) – Michel moved; Candace seconded. Favor: all no opposition.


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